How to bring peace to our body and mind? This website is my personal effort to integrate various healing traditions. As a psychologist from Taiwan received training in Western psychology, I am always interested in integrating healing traditions from the East and the West. My Eastern background and personal interest in Traditional Chinese Medicine have taught me that body and mind are inseparable, hence, I started learning sensorimotor psychotherapy from SPI since 2011.

Somatic psychology blends well with my doctoral research interest in adult attachment. Our early interaction with caregivers programmed our body and mind action tendencies; such programming registered both in our body and mind — our narratives (the life stories we share with self and others verbally or symbolically). On the journey of integrating what I learned across the Pacific Ocean, I will share my contemplation on this website.

Note: This website does not intend to provide any specific individually-tailored psychological advice/services to replace any medical and/or psychological treatment. If the readers are in need of medical or psychological attention, please seek appropriate services in your area.

Chia-Chi (Alicia) Hu, PhD. Licensed Psychologist in the states of Washington and Idaho

Certified Sensorimotor Psychotherapist

Certified Tension/Trauma Releasing Exercise (TRE) Facilitator

Registered RYT-200 Yoga Instructor

Certified Assistant Psychodrama Director

Founder, Asian Trauma-Informed Awareness Coalition

Copyright © 2018-2023 Chia-Chi (Alicia) Hu; 版權所有:胡嘉琪

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