Awakening the Dreamer

We all live in dreams whether we are awake or asleep.

We certainly live in dreams at night. At the same time, during the day, we are constantly hypnotized by work, school, TV, movies, novels, games, social media, alcohol and all other substances.

Last week, I completed a free-online-training, Game Changer Intensive, from Pachamama Alliance.

It’s a training for everyone who cares about the future of US and the earth and who wants to be a Game Changer in our own small systems. Pachamama Alliance is a non-profit; it promotes a sustainable life style, a justice society, and spirituality (integration of body/mind). I first got to know this organization through participating their half-day “Awakening the Dreamer” symposium.

As a psychologist, I was thrilled to see how their symposium utilized all the basic principles in group dynamics/psychology to help participants to build connection with each other and to achieve calmness so we can open up ourselves to see the problems our world is facing (very often, we feel overwhelmed so we turn away from the problems). The civilization and materialism have created a collectivistic “dream” we live in. I am conditioned to escape “here and now” and live in dreams by watching TV and/or reading novels – so I can live as many characters in the virtual reality.

The path toward living in the present moment is a path we can’t travel alone. Loneliness pushes all of us toward living in dreams. Finding a community is not easy. I pray that I will continue to get to know more “like-hearted/minded” people.

The social responsibility of being a psychologist includes working with people in a group format rather than just one-on-one therapy sessions. This path is to serve the others and to help myself, because we are all inter-dependent on each other!

Note: This website does not intend to provide any specific individually-tailored psychological advice/services to replace any medical and/or psychological treatment. If the readers are in need of medical or psychological attention, please seek appropriate services in your area.

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