Stop creating the Brave New World and the Underground World – Reflection after reading “WTF”

In the past 30 years, I witnessed how tech-people are optimistic about using technology to change the world to a better place; however, I always see how tech-people underestimate the problems of the under-development of humanity in the current globalized world.
Social change has to come from the collectivistic humanity (the general level of the humanity development by the general public) – So, yes, It is Up to “Us”; however, “most people living on the earth” are still blocked and limited as the result of economic disparity and long-term trans-generational traumatic stress.
I understand that this author is trying to present the positive side of computer technology by pointing out that many internet pioneers worked based on the principles of “open-source – a desire to share and to build a more equal world” rather than monopolizing the advance and monetizing the innovation. So, the authors gave many examples of how previous open-source technology contributed to a better design.

One famous example in this book is the rising business, “Uber.” Okay, I used Uber several times and I agreed the author’s points that Uber app combines the power of many new technology to benefit both drivers and the customers. However, I totally agree with the government in Taiwan to kick Uber out of Taiwan few years ago.

Not every place is ready for the capitalistic competition – the idealistic situation for the free market and free competition actually don’t exist in most parts of the world – Well, I would also said it’s only an illusion that US people still enjoy equal opportunity to compete and to excel.

How many of us can afford to buy ONE share of Berkshire Hathaway Mutual Fund (BRK-A)? (as of 06/08/2018 it’s $294,055 per share. Berkshire Hathaway Inc. probably does a great job of combining the power of brilliant human mind and super computer/internet power. But, it’s not accessible to most of us.

Only selected ones live in “the community” that allows “equal competition” – most people nowadays live under some level of toxic stress or even chronic traumatic stress.

Draft illustration from the Hidden Strength Therapeutic Storybooks. This is also a metaphor of how many of us trying to keep our heads above the water on daily basis.

Taxi drivers in Taipei only make less than $1000/month by working 8-10+ hours 6-7 days/week. There have been a increasing numbers of taxi drivers due to sluggish economic development in Taiwan in the past decade. Behind that is The Issue We Cannot Discuss.

Last year, when I got into a taxi Van in Taipei, I was surprised that there was a little girl quietly sitting in the back storage space and drawing colors on the paper. The Taxi driver apologized to me that he couldn’t find childcare tonight, also, he promised his daughter a midnight movie show this weekend.

What do you want to do with this? Calling CPS? Introducing Uber and taking away this father’s breadwinning job and creating another family tragedy so the customers can enjoy the FREE competition out of the market? (Sure, the young people can easily take out car loan and pay the loan by providing Uber service few hours a week; then you get to ride on beautiful new cars without a young girl hiding in the back). In that way, all related social issues will be pushed further to the underground world.

Overall, I am disappointed by this book. I didn’t hear enough reflection of the limitations of how technology CANNOT save the world and what we can do about this.

It’s more like a propaganda from the high-tech elites to reduce the fear of having AI to replace most people’s job.

No, AI won’t replace ALL the jobs. However, the remaining valuable jobs involve serving people who have financial and social capitals.

For many centuries, at least, people without much resources can get a tiny cut of the share by working as a maid, a driver, and a mover. When these jobs were replaced by the AI, there need to be a well-round social system to provide scaffolding to evolve as many people as we could in a society. Otherwise, the result is already here, the AI is replacing the hard-to-train customer services to serve the general public – why’s it’s hard to train people? It’s not necessary because these people are “stupid” and “lazy” – it’s because these people are facing a chronic toxic stressful environment since the day they are born. Rich people don’t necessary want every service to be replaced by AI. However, they demand a higher quality of service provided by highly-trained people.

Yes, the rich people don’t need a bookstore staff who doesn’t read enough to give him a WISE recommendation. Yes, the simplistic jobs are replaced by AI. Yet, only people who can afford the $ have access to the “Knowledge Products” – for example, you need to pay $ to get the wise analysis of the ten best-selling books this year in certain business category. For people who don’t have money, don’t worry, you also receive endless recommendations provided to you by the analysis from big-data + machine learning AI on Amazon and Facebook.

Yes, the busy people also don’t need to taxi driver who memorize the whole map of New York city, now, with the open-sourced satellite information, the Google map provides a much superior information than any taxi driver could provide. However, busy people with enough money, will still enjoy a ride with a GOOD company – and, again, only people who can integrate relational services and knowledge products will get those new jobs.

We are moving toward the “Brave New World” (yes, I am referring to the novel written in 1931) – there are already many beautiful gated high-tech AI community built around this world. In those community, you don’t need to hire people without resources to be your cleaning maid or driver. You only need to hire people with the best training to manage the AI and to provide relational services (with high empathy) and to bring you the best knowledge products (with high level of system thinking to you can continue to maintain the hierarchy).

If the high-tech community continue to be naïve about the depth of the underdevelopment of our humanity (as the result of the trans-generational trauma and worsen economic disparity in the past 20 years), I would continue to think you guys are just helping the privileged to build the “Brave New World” — a utopia within a gated community.

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